Residential Hauling Services
in Sandusky, OH

We Haul Dirt, Stone, Mulch, and More for Homeowners and Landlords

Frank Fox Trucking & Excavating LLC is there for homeowners and landlords who need our residential truck hauling services in Sandusky, OH, and the surrounding region. If you live or rent a home in Erie County, OH, Sandusky County, OH, or Huron County, OH, and you need stone, dirt, river rock, topsoil, mulch, or other materials hauled to your location, make us your next call. 

Our friendly employees can assist you with your order, and our dependable dump truck drivers will be at your location on time. You can reach us by phone at (419) 656-2944.

Our Residential Hauling Services Include:

•Construction Debris Hauling
•Landscaping Materials Hauling
•Mulch Hauling
•Topsoil Hauling
•Sand Hauling

•River Rock Hauling
•Stone Hauling
•Dirt Hauling
•Asphalt Hauling​

Selling and Delivering Top-Quality Screened and Unscreened Topsoil

Frank Fox Trucking & Excavating LLC sells and delivers topsoil to residents in the region. We deliver screened and unscreened topsoil for a variety of landscaping projects. 

Screened topsoil has been finely screened for debris such as twigs, stones, and large plant roots at our facility, where we keep it dry. It is perfect for starting a new lawn or garden or for improving the soil in any given area.

We Deliver Quality Rocks as Part of Our Residential Hauling

We can deliver all types of rock to your location as part of our residential hauling services. Whether you need gravel, limestone, river rock, pebbles, decorative stone, or more, Frank Fox Trucking & Excavating LLC can sell and deliver it to you at an affordable price. All our rock is of the highest quality, and it will serve its purpose well.

We can haul a large amount or a small amount of rock to your home.

Contact us for our residential hauling services in a three-county service area.

Proudly Serving These Areas

Sandusky County, OH

Erie County, OH

Huron County, OH